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    X45 is a strength & conditioning program that combines several science-based training models with primary focus on: weightlifting, high intensity training, conditioning, strength training, mobility and gymnastics. It is designed to maximize performance and results, while reducing risks of injury. X45 strength & conditioning provides a platform for quality group coaching that yields long-term progress for athletes of all levels.


    X45 Fitness is also the proud organizer of:
    Sabah Fitness Festival, X45 Challenge, and Pandora's Box.

    Pandora's Box Competition

    at Sabah Fitness Festival 2018.

  • Why X45?


    Strength Training

    Build total-body strength through our proven periodisation model.

    Cardiovascular Conditioning

    Enjoy a high-level of cardiovascular fitness with our short, intense conditioning sessions.


    Learn and practice gymnastic movements and develop control of your own body.

    Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

    Speak with our coaches on your injuries and learn how to strengthen weak / damaged areas to manage and prevent injuries.


    Increase the range of motion of your joints. This helps with longevity, quality of life, and injury prevention.

    Weight Loss / Body Re-composition

    Burn fat, build muscle.

    Highly Effective Group Training

    We are able to meet individual needs within a group setting. Providing you effectiveness and affordability.

    Workout Efficiency

    Achieve more results, with less time in the gym. Leaving you with more time to live your life!

  • The Team

    Dedicated to Your Fitness

    Cheyenne Tan

    Head Coach

    Movement hacker. Does not sleep.

    Daniel Tan

    Competition Director / Coach

    Judged 8 hours of videos in 5 hours.

    Faith Cham


    100% potato.

    Kelvin Chu


    Consumed 16 pieces of KFC in one sitting.

    Howard Lee


    CrossFit Open Fittest in Malaysia 2015-2017.

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  • Personal Training

    We provide personal training services for individuals, groups, or as
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